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Certificate & Diploma Courses

It’s a two years course divided into two phases. The first phase is a residential course which starts in the middle of February and ends in the middle of December. The second intake starts from the first week of June to May of the following year.

The second phase consists of one year of practical work in nursery school whereby one is routinely inspected to assess her/his progress.

The successful student is awarded a Montessori certificate at the end of two year of the training.

It’s a two years in-service course divided into five sessions which consist of theory and practical work. At the end of the two years, one sits for an International Montessori examination and the successful candidate is awarded a Diploma certificate.


Co - Operating Nursery school
Each student must join a nursery school. This co-operating school must set the student free to develop children according to Montessori method. Failure to practice the method fully will mean that the student will fail to receive his/her
certificate or Diploma.

C.D.P staff will communicate directly with the co-operating nursery school regarding the progress of its student. C.D.P will also make sure that the certified teacher continues to practice the Montessori method fully.


Entry Qualifications


The student must have an "O" level certificate with a mean grade of D+ and above.


The student must have a mean grade of C and above.


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