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What is Montessori Education and it's Origin?

How Can A Real Montessori School be Identified?

What Happens after Montessori Education?


Montessori is the name of the doctor. Her full name is Maria Montessori. She was an Italian born in 1870.
At the age of 2 years her parents moved to Rome. Her parents were neither rich nor poor. Maria wanted to continue with her education up to secondary level. At that time, it was very hard for a girl to continue with education because there were no school for girls. Nevertheless, she attended a boy’s secondary school. She proved to be an excellent student. She continued with her studies until she completed the university. She wanted to be an engineer but this proved too difficult. Instead, she became a medicine doctor. She wrote a paper which she presented to the rest of her peers (fellow students)

It was a brilliant paper that men forgot their prejudice toward female students and stood up to applaud her. She was made to do unlady-like things (according to her time) such as dissecting corpses for investigation. She was always fighting for women’s rights. She became an international feminist. She became a doctor and a surgeon.
To answer this question, she started to study two books by two French doctors by the name Dr. Sequin and Dr. Itard so that she might better understand exactly the meaning of ideas which they had written about in these books from French to Italian.
She went to university to study psychology. After this she was put in charge of a large slum building which was quite new. The city council did not know what to do with the children who were left home while their mother went to work.

The children very quickly became bored and would resort to drawing or dirtying the wall. Maria was given a large room at the bottom of the building. Here she began teaching. Using the knowledge, she had gained from her work with mentally and emotionally defective (insane) children and the background she had gained from her studies; she applied her method of observation. She put things into the room so that she would see from this knowledge and observation evolved what is now called The Montessori Method. It is based on natural guides each child has within him/herself. She developed materials to help and nurture each child’s needs. This occurred in 1907.

In 1907 the first Montessori children’s house was established in the slum of the San Lorenzo Italy. Also in Italy she started a Montessori training course in 1913.

While working in the children’s house she discovered that the most important year of development for a child is conception until the age of six years.

In 1929 the Association Montessori Internationale (A.M.I) was formed to help Dr. Maria Montessori to cope with vast amount of work that now needed to be done all over the world. Maria Montessori spent most of her life travelling and teaching her philosophy, but still devoted time to keep on with her own research.

She died in 1952 in Holland at the age of 82.

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