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What is Montessori Education and it's Origin?

How Can A Real Montessori School be Identified?

What Happens after Montessori Education?


How can a Real Montessori school be identified?

Since Montessori is in public domain, an individual or institution can claim to be a Montessori. Therefore, parents must be alert and check out so-called Montessori schools. Parents who are interested in the Montessori method for their child should visit a school and observe a class in progress.

The following criteria should be based when assessing a Montessori School?
a) Are the teachers trained in the Montessori method?
b) Where did they train?
c) Do the teachers have genuine Montessori certificates?
d) Are the children working independently?

Montessori schools recognize the unique development of each child. Check to see that the children are working at their own pace and according to their interests and at the same time have a desire to share their experiences with their peers and work together in small groups.
e) Are Montessori materials being used?
A fundamental component of Montessori education is a set of specially-designed materials. These materials should be within easy reach of the children who use them daily. Materials alone, however, do not ensure a successful programme, They must be used under supervision of a Montessori trained teacher.

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